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세계 최초 Cancer – specific Autophagy inhibitor 신약 개발을 이뤄낸 혁신적 항암 신약 개발 전문 바이오 기업 엘베이스의 핵심기술 입니다.
CAGE를 타겟으로 이와 상호 결합하는 단백질간의 결합 억제를 통해,
다양한 암종에서 Lead 물질을 발굴하여 연구/개발 진행중입니다.
엘베이스는 기존 항암제의 내성을 극복 할 수 있도록 CAGE 유래
펩타이드 기반 치료제 개발에 최선을 다하고 있습니다.
엘베이스의 다양한 소식을 전해드립니다.
Innovating treatments for drug-resistant patients

Innovating treatments for drug-resistant patientsFirst-in-class new drug development for drug-resistant patientsL-Base is a pharmaceutical startup that specializes in developing drugs for patients who become resistant to existing cancer treatments. This year, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups selected the company as one of 100 notable startups in the materials, parts, and equipment sector. We often hear news about those who are either suffering from or have died from some form of cancer. But the belief that a cancer diagnosis is a form of death sentence is gradually dissipating. The rate of full recovery is also much higher than in the past, thanks to the development of new cancer treatments and the advancement of medicine overall. The use of targeted therapies, which attack specific cancer cells, has markedly increased survival rates among cancer patients. But some patients become immune to even the best-targeted therapies, similar to the phenomenon of antibiotics no longer working due to resistant "super bacteria."L-Base develops new drugs that help cancer patients overcome such resistance and receive the right treatment for a full recovery.“When targeted therapies, and immuno-oncology, also known as cancer immunotherapy, were first introduced, we thought the battle with cancer was finally over,” the startup’s founder and CEO Jeon Do-yong recalled.“But despite those being great drugs, some patients' eventual resistance to them rendered them ineffective.”This leads to administering even more potent drugs to these patients, he explained, which is hard for not only them but also their families. The story behind the company's name, L-Base, is unique. The letter L comes from the Hebrew word El, meaning “the God.” Jeon, a devout Christian, said that many are baffled why a pharmaceutical startup would call itself "God’s base."“We wanted to develop new drugs in the same spirit and with the acknowledgment that only God’s grace allows life to persist,” he explained. L-Base’s slogan, “Life-saving Beyond Advancement, Science & Excellence,” carries the same meaning. Jeon said that the development of a new anticancer drug or treatment can only be executed with a sense of calling – something noble and meaningful.“Even though it might be an uber-simple slogan, it expresses our goal of saving lives with a sacred purpose in mind, even in the high-risk, high-return market of new drug development,” Jeon said. link:

케이메디허브, 엘베이스와 췌장암 치료제 공동연구 수행

케이메디허브, 엘베이스와 췌장암 치료제 공동연구 수행  [메디컬투데이=이재혁 기자] 케이메디허브(대구경북첨단의료산업진흥재단)와 엘베이스는 ‘22년 합성신약 산학연계 지원사업’을 통해 공동연구를 수행하기로 협의했다고 20일 밝혔다.케이메디허브의 합성신약 산학연계 지원사업은 올해 시작해 2027년까지 국내 신약개발 기관의 초기 파이프라인의 성숙 및 사업화 연계를 지원할 예정이다.원문링크: 

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